With this homeowner, they wanted an acid wash finish. We capped over an old existing sidewalk, added on to the entryway and gave it multilayered finish. 

With this couple, they had a pool coming in the near future that required leaving space for it, giving it the character it has.

For this couple, they were only allowed a certain size patio and color choices, so we gave them what we could. This was a xylene based stain, my preference for most applications simply because of its endurance and durability.

With this project, we cleaned, prepped and resurfaced this old cracked up driveway and then applied a 2 coat process of a xylene based stain.

This family wanted a hockey court for their kids. After pouring the concrete and letting cure, we came back and applied a xylene based sealer to give the court slick surface that will also be a protectant for years to come.

This family wanted something different for a back patio area, it came out great.

This family here had done a lot of the pregrade work themselves saving a good amount of money and we were able to get in and out in a day.

For this project they had elevation issues so we had to build up 26" and give them a set of steps to get down to the yard.

With this project, the homeowner wanted a hangout space in his backyard that connected with a sidewalk to his garage so he didnt have to track thru the dirt to get in his house.

With this homeowner, their existing steps to the entryway and small patio were badly broken up so we redesigned the area and use the old concrete as a base for a whole new area.